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Growing Business Creates Possibilities

Minneapolis, MN – Julie Ann Segal lives her philosophy. “I believe that each person has the capacity to create a living or working environment that reflects their spirit and enhances health and wellbeing,” she says. Segal has built a successful business on her passion for design. She combines interior design and Feng Shui to help her clients achieve harmonious inviting spaces that are an expression of their own style.

Her company, Metropolitan Interiors, is based in a charming Victorian home on Loring Park in Minneapolis. The space not only works in a practical sense, but also is used as a showcase of products and crafts that highlight artists, cabinet builders, furniture manufacturers, and building materials. The house brims with an inviting array of colors and textures, as well as Segal’s positive energy.

Segal has been working as a professional designer for 20 years. In 2003, she became a state certified Feng Shui practitioner. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placing objects with intention, into a space or environment to create harmony and balance within one’s life. “Feng Shui enables me to combine my strong interior design skills with my spiritual side to help my clients create not only a beautiful interior, but fulfill their highest goals and ambitions,” Segal said.

Metropolitan Interiors doubled its sales from 2005 to 2006. Segal intends to double her sales again in 2007. With solid design skills and ability to create positive energy flow, Segal is on course to make this dream a reality.

My successes. 

Julie Ann Segal's deep love of all things aesthetic and the desire to create spaces that not only look good, but feel good, was the foundation for starting her business in 1992.

Her Mission: Combining Interior Design and Feng Shui principles to help my clients achieve harmonious inviting spaces that are an expression of their own unique style.

What's great about my mentor? 

She started Metropolitan Interiors in 1992. In 2005, Segal was ready to move to the new space on Loring Park. She contacted the Minneapolis chapter of SCORE for advice. The counselors at SCORE helped her plan her office move, complete a business plan and answer accounting questions.

As a resource partner with the SBA, SCORE provides information vital to small business success. This includes counseling on financing options, business planning, marketing strategies, product development and more. Individual members and counseling teams with diverse business knowledge and experience provide one-on-one, confidential business counseling at no cost to the business owner.

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