The loss of Kay Frasden's job as an interior designer with a large corporation in 2007 led to the decision to be her own boss. Her consignment furniture store Wabi Sabi, roughly translates to "humble beauty" ensued. People are strapped for cash so this works for both the seller and buyer. "People are downsizing so they can make money on things they don't need anymore. They get a fair price and it is done professionally. People are happy about having an upscale shop with quality furniture at low prices."

My successes. 

"The doors kept opening," she said. "There was nothing stopping me from moving forward with this dream to own a business. People scoffed at the idea at the idea of starting a business in this economy."  Tough times have actually spurred this retailers growth. Follow me on my website. 

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE Minneapolis provided free business advice that helped this entrepreneur realize her dream of becoming a business owner.

SCORE is a nonprofit organization working to help small businesses start and grow. SCORE offers free business counseling and advice to entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. "Clients want to be involved with SCORE even after their business is established," said LaVon Dennistown, Chapter Chair, Wabi Sabi Mentor. SCORE's new slogan is "For the life of your business."

What's great about my mentor? 

"I needed business advice and they are very accommodating. It's FREE.  How can you go wrong?"

The Wabi Sabi Shop