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How to Temporarily Close a Business Due to COVID-19

June 11, 2020,

Businesses that have closed, even temporarily, won’t be seen as closed in the eyes of the state. They are considered active until they file for a dissolution.

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Top 4 Considerations When Selling or Closing a Business

October 3, 2019, 1:00pm EDT

In this webinar, CEO of MyCorporation Deborah Sweeney will present key legal and business considerations when selling your business. Read more

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How to Position and Prepare Your Business to be Bought

July 21, 2019,

Businesses are generally bought, not sold. Your opportunity is to position and prepare your company for the best outcome by considering these steps.


How to Protect Your Small Business If You Leave

July 10, 2019,

The New York Life Small Business Insurance Gap survey shows 38% of small businesses would likely go out of business if the owner unexpectedly died.


Does Your Small Business Need a Lawyer?

July 9, 2019,

Failing to take the proper steps for legal protection can put the business you’ve worked so hard on at risk.


6 Steps to Closing a Business While Staying Compliant

July 1, 2019,

If you are currently in the process of ending the business’ operations, take care of these areas to ensure your business is officially terminated with the state.


How to Profitably Exit Your Online Business

June 20, 2019,

If you’re one of the entrepreneurs building your business with the intentions of selling it one day, you should start planning for that day now.


Putting a Value on Your Business: Why and How

Most business owners have a vague idea of what their business would be worth if they wanted to sell. Here are four reasons to perform a business valuation. Read more