The wealth of content available when starting or growing a business can be overwhelming, especially as you deal with so many areas of development from finance to marketing to legal and business formation issues.

With the above in mind, we’re pleased to offer version 6.0 of the SCORE Twin Cities Client Resource Guide.

This simple to use, interactive PDF contains links to external and embedded content to leverage the resources needed to nurture and develop your business.

Client Resource Guide First PageThe SCORE Twin Cities Client Resource Guide can used by anyone looking to develop their business plan or improve their business development efforts. Specific areas include what it takes to start a business, business plan research and development, marketing, finance, and legal resources.

You'll find and easy and intuitive user interface that’s cross platform compatible whether you’re on a MAC or PC. The version available now is in its sixth release with continued enhancement planned based on client feedback and the evolving needs of our clients.

A couple of items to make use of this tool a bit more intuitive:

First, you need the free Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed on your device for this interactive PDF to work – to download the Adobe Reader CLICK HERE. Note: be sure Reader or Acrobat is your default PDF viewer.

Second, since there are several embedded resource files that need to access your local applications like Word or Excel, you’ll want to download this to your desktop. Don’t attempt to use the file from your browser or you’ll only get partial document access.

Back to the guide, while there’s order to the content provided, there’s no path from step 1 to 2 to 3, etc… Think of this as a portal to a number of libraries and resources where you can work on one topic or another that’s relevant to your efforts at any given time.

This guide isn’t designed to answer all your questions as you start and nurture your business, but a starting point with the core references available. Hopefully, your work with your SCORE mentor will fill in the rest of the blanks.

Here are a couple of areas you may want to look at initially:

“Read Me” button in the lower left of the home page – this will take you to a page that provides a quick overview to using the guide – take a moment to review this.

Local Workshops – looking to expand your understanding of one area of business or another? This link will take you our learning program site, including a catalog of seminars provided.

Start-up Guides – in this section you’ll find several guides that will help you navigate some of the basic start up needs you’ll have. Be sure to check the Top Resources on – you’ll find a wealth of information related to any business development need you have. The Quick Start Guide for Starting a Business and the Deluxe Start-up Essentials are also great resources as is the Minnesota SBA Start-up Checklist and Small Business Resource Guide.

As you navigate the Guide, you’ll find a similar approach to each subject with quick access to relevant content to make your journey easier whether it’s help with marketing, finance, legal resources, etc.

This tool will evolve as we continue to explore ways to improve our services and resources. Your input is invaluable to making this more useful to your efforts. Any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the guide are welcome. Send these to:

OK, click on the link below, download the file to your desktop, right click and open with Adobe Reader or Acrobat, play, discover, and let us know what you think.


Thank you for your continued confidence in our organization.

The SCORE Twin Cities Team

Client Resource Guide First Page