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Strength In Process

I have worked with my mentor to develop my business plan from scratch and I am in the stage of securing the financing to make it happen. Read more

Adrian Dragomir-Daescu
Owner, Berserker Barbell
success story

Creating New Paths in Comfortable Shoes

The value that SCORE offers is immeasurable. Not only in finding the resources you need, but having the support from people who have been in the business. Read more

Gabriela Ephrem
Founder and Creative Director, Gabriela Ephrem
success story

A Must-Have Tool to Keep Your Brain and Body Fit

Ron was in my demographic of people I was looking to market to so he was able to look at my website and give me feedback on what he thought looked good and what didn’t. He gave me... Read more

Alison Weinlaeder
CEO and Founder, Cardiomelon
success story

Injured Veteran's Passion is Keeping Others Safe

Joe provided a thorough review of my business plan and encouraged me. He helped me identify gaps and held me accountable for my business plan. Joe was someone who I could check in... Read more

Jackson Dalton
Founder and President, Black Box Safety
success story

Moms MPowHered

Super thankful and grateful for SCORE's help. Small businesses are really a beacon of light. Read more

Megan Perron
Owner, , MPowHer Fit
success story

Something Beautiful Being Reborn from Ash

SCORE really helped me by giving me direction and structure. It has saved me a lot of money and about three years' worth of time, instead of having to go through trial and error.... Read more

Darcie Pfeffer
Owner/Founder, Phoenix Bird Horsemanship and Bodywork LLC
success story

Big Shapes Made Easy

There are so many things that Darold has helped us work through, but the number one area was the company structure, especially as a family owned and operated business. How do we... Read more

Wesley Bekkala
1 of 3 Partners, Outshaped
success story

Further Ahead with Financial Fundamentals

After contacting SCORE, I was put in touch with Darold. We’ve only met with Darold and SCORE three times as of this interview, but he’s really helped guide us in discovering a... Read more

Gordon Bekkala
Partner, Bekkala Engineering, LLC
success story

The Birth of a Business

Darold really did a great job of guiding me. He helped me realize there can be a connection between my passion and a business; that my business could be more than just a gig.... Read more

Shelley Chamberlin
Senior Moving Manager, Transitional Moving