After five years of a high-paced life as an NFL runningback, Ken Jenkins spent the next 20 years working for others in every industry from banking to IT. 

He grew weary of being at the mercy of industry fluctuations that could swiftly change his employment status and realized he had the skills and experience to branch out on his own. So he took the ball and ran with it. 

Joined by his wife, Amy Lewis, the duo combined their experience and interest in alternative medicine to start Got Pro Health, LLC. Through the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), Jenkins was put into contact with the Washington, DC chapter of SCORE. He began meeting regularly with his mentors, who helped Got Pro Health define its offerings and learn how to broadcast that message to potential clients.

My successes. 

Got Pro Health was chosen as a winner of the Sam’s Club Holiday Cheer initiative in December 2012, receiving a $1,000 grant and a trip to Dallas to attend a high-speed growth marketing workshop hosted by SCORE.  This workshop helped Jenkins develop a social media strategy for the business and a plan for improving his website.

The current aim of the business is to connect former athletes with alternative care providers but they also have an even greater goal of increasing awareness of the general public about health and wellness.

How SCORE helped. 

Once Jenkins connected with SCORE, he attended a workshop and was immediately hooked.  Since then, he’s met with mentors Joe Clarke and Dee Rogers once a month working to write and refine a business plan, forecast projections,  and learn about marketing, messaging and positioning. 

Together with his mentors, Jenkins developed a business plan for Got Pro Health that has allowed the business to prioritize goals and “create a more focused strategy to grow.”  Just a few years into his alternative medicine business, Jenkins has already witnessed the improvements these plans have made.

What's great about my mentor? 

Jenkins says his mentors “Gave us a structure for how to prioritize our goals which resulted in a more focused strategy to grow.”  He and Lewis are still in the process of implementing this strategy but are already beginning to see the results in the form of increased exposure and revenue.

Got Pro Health