The business got started when the two owners identified a need in the marketplace. Both are avid cyclists and, since 2009, have participated in RAGBRAI -- a cycling event spanning 450 miles over seven days. They had found cycling apparel has to be built for specific needs and none of the type they desired currently existed for women. So Freiborg hand-sewed a prototype of what they thought was needed in 2009. When it proved popular, they began development of their own performance-oriented, stylish cycling tank top jerseys. Their goal is to be at the forefront of women's cycling apparel with continual attention to performance, comfort and style.  In January 2012, their banker (Venture Bank, Golden Valley) suggested they contact SCORE for help in guiding them to take the "next step" for their business.

My successes. 

Their success depends on producing women's cycling apparel that places a women's unique needs at the forefront of cycling apparel design.The features include a moisture-transport fabric, ergonomic seams, a U-shaped neckline for style and comfort, removable bra cups and a longer silhouette that prevents upward "jersey creep." This view of their product from their website gives you an idea of the product.


How SCORE helped. 

SCORE has provided an business advisory team consisting of accounting, international, finance and marketing talents. They have met every 4 to 6 weeks since the business owners approached SCORE in January 2012. The various SCORE members comment on trademarks, wholesale processes, letters of credit, foreign outsourcing, financing options, marketing considerations and general new business management.

What's great about my mentor? 

The two ladies have shown a lot of "moxie" getting their business to this stage. The SCORE team finds them open to new ideas yet firm in their dedication to the original concept. The SCORE team feels like a active partner in the success of this unique business idea.

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