A veteran business owner, Macdonald got his exposure to international opportunities while as a college junior working with an adventure travel company. The real decision evolved while he and his wife, Jen, were deployed with the Army National Guard in Iraq.  He used the money saved while on active duty to launch his business.

Macdonald organizes and leads custom adventure travel trips to New Zealand and elsewhere. A big part of his work involves offering and encouraging travelers to try new experiences, from sea kayaking, luge rides and swimming with wild dolphins to bungee jumping and sky diving.

My successes. 

The first year he and his co-founder, Sam Kurachek, have successfully conducted tours in 2011.  They look to expand their business to Australia, Peru and elsewhere.

How SCORE helped. 

Launching a business was uncharted territory for Al Macdonald. He connected with a group of SCORE mentors who had experience working internationally.  They helped with understanding work visa, opening a branch in a foreign country and hiring foreigners to provide his services.

His mentors are focusing on controlling costs to improve profits. The challenge is to establish his business abroad instead of operating from here and traveling back and forth.

What's great about my mentor? 

Macdonald meet with four different teams of two mentors from his first intro to SCORE to the present. He liked the fact that different sets of skills could be assembled, whatever his problem.

Key Topics

  • Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation
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