How I Got Started
After several decades in the corporate printing business, I knew a great deal about the operational side of the business: the printing equipment, the processes, project management and marketing and selling. When it came time to start my own business, I realized that I didn’t know enough to be confident in actually running a business. I had become dependent on corporate resources. I needed a crash course in setting up and running my own busines

What have you learned from your experiences as a business owner? 

The Obstacles I Faced
I heard about SCORE and I went to a “Simple Steps for Starting a Business” seminar where I met my SCORE Mentor—Mort Harris. My business concept required capital input beyond my own resources. I needed a sound business plan to approach prospective bankers for financing.

How SCORE helped. 

How SCORE Helped Me Succeed
Mort asked all the key questions and helped me prepare a detailed business plan – a three-year plan with financial projections and narrative on how the business was to grow and succeed. I was able to get financing on my terms. I still consult and update that business plan to help guide my decision- making process today. The plan holds me accountable and provides a basis for evaluating the impact of many decisions. SCORE has also helped me with accounting, credit policy, cash flow and contingency planning. Mort and I still meet quarterly to review my progress.

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